July 19, 2012

We’ve sung their praises before, but we thought we would once again talk about how great Bonnie and the Beard are. The band, a must see at this weekend’s UMS, just released an incredible new album, Cascavel.  

Slowly honing in on a sound that is uniquely their own, Bonnie and the Beard, fronted by Megan Fong and Tony LoVerde, play a style of music that is best described as “Gypsy Americana.” Cascavel shows the band taking their Bohemian-vaudeville act down steeper, more difficult terrain, telling tales of personal tragedy & loss, creating an overall sound that is darker, deeper and more personal. 

Songs like “Dice and Bones” and “Devil Whiskey” help solidify the sound of a musical wagon falling off the main road and descending deeper and deeper into a dark forrest where there is no visible exit. 

The band is performing Saturday, 7:00 pm at Denver Wheel Club 404. 

Tickets can be purchased here!

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