December 31, 2012
Best Albums

Image from Westword

It has been a fantastic year for a lot of things: R & B music, queso (did you know it’s the new bacon?), infinity scarves, and the artists on Illegal Pete’s record label, Greater Than Collective. We can’t even keep up with all the Best of 2012 lists that feature our artists, so we can’t even imagine how tough it is for you. It’s okay, we will selflessly list them here.

Ben Roy

Ben Roy’s comedy album, I Got Demons, was chosen as one of’s Best Comedy Albums of 2012 alongside some pretty major players; he was also featured in Westword‘s “Five choice moments from Denver’s standup scene in 2012 for urging “marriage-abandonment.”

Esmé Patterson

Esmé Patterson’s single, “My Young Man” off her recently-released All Princes, I, was in Daytrotter’s top 30 (out of 200) in their big Best Songs of 2012 countdown. All Princes, I was also voted at #9 by listeners on Open Air’s top albums of 2012; besides Lumineers who don’t count because they are such a huge effing deal, she is the first local band on the list! The album was also included in Westword‘s best local albums of 2012and Esme won a slew of awards on, including Best Albums of 2012, Musical Award for Bravery, and Lyrical Award for Bravery.

The Epilogues

Speaking of which, the Epilogues’ latest album, Cinematics, made Westword‘s best local albums of 2012 as well, and the band also made Reverb‘s Best of 2012: Colorado Artists!

Ian Cooke

Speaking of THAT, Ian Cooke also made Reverb‘s Best of 2012: Colorado Artists. Judging by all the big secret plans he has for the next year (you shall see in due time), we’re guessing he’ll be up for more awards in 2013.
Seeing our bands (and comedian) get all this acclaim makes us feel like proud parents – proud parents who like to go out and do sake bombs with their children all the time (maybe this metaphor isn’t working….). But for realz, we feel very lucky to be working with these talented artists, in this great and supportive and exciting city of Denver. Happy New Year!

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