February 15, 2012

In our continuing quest to become the most musician friendly restaurant on the planet, Illegal Pete’s is launching our Pint Glass Program. The program aims to help more local bands where as the previously pioneered “Starving Artist Program” exclusively helped touring acts. Illegal Pete’s hopes to raise money for hard working local bands by selling a series of custom pint glasses with the band’s logo on them.

The first band the restaurant will work with is Denver’s The Photo Atlas.

200 pint glasses will be produced, one side featuring the Illegal Pete’s logo and the other featuring The Photo Atlas. The pints will go on sale at all Illegal Pete’s locations for $10 and will include a delicious Colorado crafted beer which the restaurants will switch to exclusively starting March 1st. Every penny raised will go to the band to help them with the recording costs of their upcoming album. The Photo Atlas will be performing at 2 of the Illegal Pete’s locations in conjunction with this program, Thursday, March 1st at the Boulder Hill location, and Saturday, March 3rd at the Downtown Denver location. Local rockers, In the Whale, will support both shows. Please come to one or both shows and support one of Denver’s hardest working bands. These shows will also kick off a string of dates that will take the band to this year’s South by Southwest and back.

“Through this kick ass collaboration The Photo Atlas and Illegal Pete’s will soon be serving up hungry ears and fresh tasty tunes,” bassist Bill Threlkeld said of the program.

“We believe in our local music scene so much; it just makes sense to think of creative ways to help local acts fund their recordings and/or tours” – Virgil Dickerson, Marketing Master/All Round Good Dude at Illegal Pete’s

“I used to get geeked collecting all of the Star Wars, etc. fast food glass series as a child so naturally, as an adult, I am more than excited to start collecting our series of beer glasses featuring a series of our favorite local bands, with the added bonus of helping these bands get their music out to their fans.” – Pete Turner, owner of Illegal Pete’s

Illegal Pete’s hopes to continue the Pint Program into the future, working with as many local bands as possible. Interested parties should contact Virgil@illegalpetes.com for further information.

Listen to the Photo Atlas’ last release, “To Silently Provoke The Ghost”, via Spotify.

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