The More. The Merrier.
Natural Food for Natural People

Our food. Your taste buds. A match made in culinary heaven. From loaded, mission-style burritos to bowls, salads, nachos, quesadillas, and—of course—our signature queso, Illegal Pete’s is all about handmade food made from responsible, high-quality ingredients. We also keep a full bar and a wide selection of local drafts at every Pete’s location to keep times good.

We don’t just like music, we love it. That’s why each Illegal Pete’s is also a venue for live music performances. It’s why we feed touring bands through our Starving Artists program. It’s also why we started our own record label featuring artists like Esmé Patterson, Ark Life, Adam Cayton-Holland, and more.

Music at Illegal Pete's
Celebrate More

We’re all about relaxed, authentic human connection. We’re also about paying a living wage that allows our employees to lead comfortable lives with one job. So Pete has launched the 2015 Living Wage Initiative to boost all Illegal Pete’s employee compensation across the board.

Yes, there really is a Pete. He started Illegal Pete’s and he runs it to this day.

We believe that making a living should parallel how we want to be living, and we support a living wage to help make that happen.

Illegal Petes catering is fresh, affordable, fun, and easy. From Niman Ranch meats to preservative-free tortillas, you can’t miss with our catering. We even cater to all dietary needs—Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Paleo, you name it.

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